Enable crypto payments in one day on your site with digital escrow contracts to protect the transaction 100%

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Enable crypto payments in minutes on your site with digital escrow contracts to protect the transaction 100%

Wide range of cryptocurrencies & wallets

Accept crypto payments with Zenkipay worldwide in one day (or less)

Convenient conversion to stablecoin in automatic as an option


Send crypto to any wallet worldwide

All your crypto transactions in a single dashboard

Don't let anything be left out. You can easily customize the view of your elements within your dashboard

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Your crypto card worldwide

The Zenkicard takes your crypto balance to fund your fiat purchases in real time, unlocking the value of your digital assets and getting up to 2% cashback!


Up to 2% cash back for shoppers + more services

Your cryptos are converted in real time real time after every fiat purchase.

Accepted in more than 37M stores worldwide and 210+ territories

Zenki ecosystem

Coming through 2023

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